Oral implantology is used to replace missing tooth gaps. Dental implants allow for avoiding the use of removable dentures and make it possible to enjoy a beautiful and natural smile. They replace the root of the tooth. Dental implants are placed surgically into the alveoar bone to integrate the implant with the bone. This procedure allows for a permanent prosthetic replacement i.e. crowns, bridges or full mouth reconstruction if the patient does not have any tooth of his/her own. A dental implant looks like a screw bush. It is made of pure titanium or zirconium because these mateials are well tolerated by our body and are resistant to stress put on the teeth during normal function.

Dental implants are permanently integrated with the bone and look like all the other teeth because the colour and lustre of the prosthetic crown are chosen individually so that they match the rest of the teeth perfectly. Furthermore, the metal parts of the implant are covered under the gum and the ceramic, shiny surface of the crown. Nowadays, thanks to the dynamic development of implantology, the use of dental implants has become a common and widely available procedure carried out at the dentist’s.

Prior to the procedure we carefully examine the oral cavity, focusing on the condition of the teeth and gums, as well as on the amount of the bone tissue in places where the implants are to be placed. It is a painless procedure, performed in general or local anaesthesia and sterile conditions. It does not require hospitalisation.