Oral and maxillofacial surgery consists in surgical treatment of the oral cavity and of the facial skeleton. It is performed by a dental surgeon, oral and maxillofacial surgeon and laryngologist. Surgical treatment often supports other fields of dentistry such as prosthetics and endodontics. The scope and possibilities offered by dental surgery are enormous. The techniques used in procedures are very modern and minimally invasive, which allows for treatment of advanced gum and teeth diseases. The most common dental surgery is the extraction of a tooth which no longer can be treated conservatively.

Dental surgery procedures in our centre include:

  • tooth extraction (primary, wisdom and permanent teeth)
  • incision and drainage of abscesses, i.e. removal of pus from the lesion
  • excision of oral mucosa in case of difficulties in tooth eruption
  • gum regeneration
  • maxillary sinus floor elevation
  • augmentation of osseous tissue
  • plasty of the mouth-sinus communication
  • plasty of the gum and alveoar bone
  • regeneration using autologous or animal bone graft