Professional dental hygiene procedures include removing plaque and tartar.

Our offer includes basic prophylactic procedures:

  • scaling
  • sandblasting
  • fluoride treatment

SCALING consists in removing plaque by way of handheld or mechanic ultrasonic instruments known as dental scalers which generate vibrations with the frequency of up to thousands times per second. The dentist uses this power to crush tartar and remove it from the teeth. Scaling should be performed 1-2 a year. In case of inflammatory lesions of the gum it might be recommended even up to 3-6 times a year. The tendency to accumulate plaque and tartar is different for each person so the dentist should evaluate the frequency of this procedure for each of his/her customers.

SANDBLASTING AND POLISHING are applied to remove plaque and stains caused by coffee, tea and cigarettes. The procedure is performed using a dental sandblaster. Medical sand cracks and removes the plaque. It also reaches intradental spaces which are hard to reach using a toothbrush or dental flosses. The next – and crucial – step is polishing of the cleaned teeth. This stage protects teeth against recurrence of plaque and tartar. Polishing is done using brushes, prophy angles and professional prophylactic paste. To enhance and fix the effects of sandblasting we apply the so-called liquid lustre. Sandblasting lets us get rid of stains and plaque bacteria and removes or reduces bits of tartar. We get a whiter smile, a sense of hygiene and freshness and clean interdental spaces. Remember that after the procedure you should avoid dark beverages such as coffee, tea and i.e. blackberry juice: you should not drink them at least within 48 following the visit.

FLUORIDE VARNISH is is a highly concentrated form of fluoride applied to the tooth’s surface. It protects teeth and their structure, prevents caries, increases resistance to acids as well as slows down bacteria growth. This procedure is also useful in reducing hypersensitivity of teeth.