Conservative dentistry specialises in tooth decay treatment, i.e. a disease which leads to a complete breakdown of the tooth structure. Tooth decay is caused by bacteria. Dental cavities are often formed in the interdental space which is hard to access and almost impossible to clean using only a toothbrush – to do so, we need dental flosses, interdental brushes or oral irrigation. This is why many patients do not notice the early stages of caries. If we do, however, diagnose tooth decay in its early stage and apply prophylaxis with fluoride, we can avoid drilling.

Our conservative dentistry offer includes:

  • tooth decay treatment,
  • composite and glass ionomer tooth filling,
  • tooth dressing in case of permanent teeth,
  • restoration of a fractured tooth using fiberglass,
  • composite veneers,
  • diastema closure.

Remember that tooth decay is a serious problem. We invite you to visit the dentist’s on a regular basis.